Conair Velvet Touch Paddle Hair Brush

Best Men’s Hair Brush for Thick Hair

Why people love it
  • Great for thick, long, and curly hair
  • Sturdy and well-sized
  • Gentle, doesn’t pull, even seriously tangled hair
  • A few users report the bristles being slightly painful
  • There have been instances of this brush breaking, but look again at that price

The price is right, and the brush is both solid and not bad looking. We dig that.

Paddle brushes such as this one are designed for longer hair and if you’re a guy with long thick hair, we think you’re going to love this brush.

But, even if your hair isn’t that long, we don’t want you to walk away yet. There are plenty of guys that like it on their shorter dos.

The brush is well made and the flexible cushion base makes it comfortable on your scalp. Better still, it’s awesome at detangling and can work through wet hair, so it’s great for the day after a big night (whatever that means to you).

Now, you can scoff at the price or you can scoop up this brush with your next Amazon order (it’s an add on item), but you know what we’re going to say about that right?

We think it’s absolutely worth the try if you’re in the market for a new brush. Seriously.

Brush type: A paddle brush created from man-made materials - but good ones, especially given the price.

Handle: The velvet touch handle offers solid control and is well-sized for men’s hands.

Bristles: The ball tipped nylon bristles are designed to detangle your hair.

Price: This sells for less than $5 as an add-on item at Amazon. At that price, you shouldn’t expect the company to allow returns - and they don’t. We think it’s a proper steal.

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