CompressionZ Men's Shorts

Most Versatile Compression Shorts

Why people love it
  • Can be worn as outer or underwear
  • Adaptable to any sport or physical activity; flexible and comfortable
  • Wicks away sweat, dries quickly, good elasticity

Quick-drying, moisture-wicking, suitable for every type of sports and physical activity, high-performance fabric, serves as a good base layer, enhances circulation, flexible, and reduces chafing and irritation.

Short in the crotch and prone to chafing along the tailbone.


Fit: If you're looking for a good pair of compression shorts for any sports activity, give these bad boys a try. They're built to be snug enough to offer good compression, yet not so tight they restrict movement. Their 4-way stretch ensures you have great freedom of movement while you train in CrossFit, HIIT, resistance training, running, cycling, or team sports.

The downside: the crotch area is VERY short, so larger men may find them a bit uncomfortable. The rear top panel of the shorts also features a seam that will rub along your tailbone, above your crack, potentially leading to chafing.

Fabric: The high performance fabric of these shorts make them excellent for outerwear, as they are durable, flexible, and offer good coverage for your legs and thighs. However, they can also be worn as underwear or a base layer, with fabric that traps heat close to your body—ideal for cold weather use.

The material is both moisture-wicking and quick-drying, made from a synthetic material that is resistant to odors, bacteria, and itching. The flat-lock seam stitching prevents discomfort and keeps these shorts nice and slim.

Price: Starting at $20 per pair, these are a fairly well-priced pair of compression shorts. They deliver durability and comfort at good value, and are worth considering for just about any sport you play.

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