Best Adhesive Strapless Bra

Why people love it
  • Perfect amount of support; creates great cleavage
  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Great bra; stays put and works perfectly

There are a number of users who’ve reported problems with the adhesive only working for a few hours, but that’s a common problem with most adhesive bras, and, if you have any issues, the company is more than happy to provide a refund or exchange. Also, you'll need to order a size up if you want this bra to fit as pictured on Amazon.


Comfort: If you're looking for a self-adhesive bra that stays put and feels great, look no further. Everyone that's tried this bra cannot get over how comfortable it is. Not only does it feel great to wear, but there are no issues with the adhesive causing any skin irritation. In addition, there is a spot inside the cups that does not have any adhesive for your nipples, which is a nice feature in terms of comfort.

Do be aware that the cups seem to run slightly small, so, if you want the bra to fit as pictured, consider ordering a size up from what you typically wear.

Security: Aside from some customer complaints about the inability of the bra to adhere on occasion (keep in mind these complaints are few and far between), most customers have been very happy with the stickiness of this bra. While this bra is sticky enough to stay put all day (and even overnight if you forget to remove it after a long night out...can you tell we're speaking from experience here?), but comes off easily when you're ready to take it off.

Also, expect to get a lot of wears from this bra before the adhesive no longer sticks. Seriously, it’s that strong.

With the tie-and-pull feature, this bra will lift your breasts and hold them in place for hours. And, as an added bonus, this bra comes in both black and nude!

Price: Surprisingly, this is the cheapest bra on this list. For the level of support and adhesive you get from this bra, and the fact that you will get a number of wears from this bar before needing to replace, consider the $12.99 price a steal!

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