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  • Best memory foam mattress for guest rooms
  • Extra firm mattress if you like lots of support
  • Great value mattress

While there are many high-profile online mattress companies you could buy from, you can’t do better than this memory foam mattress from Comfort Dreams if you're looking for something cheap that gets the job done for your guest room. It’s super firm, comfortable, and will leave your guests sleeping like the dead during their temporary layover in your home.

When you pay this little for a memory foam mattress, you have to expect a tradeoff. The main complaint customers have about this mattress is that it has a tendency to develop dips and sagging after long-term, steady use. This is why we recommend it for the infrequent visitor in your guest room.


Temperature: This mattress probably won’t be ideal for use in the summer if you don’t run the AC.

Smell: No issues reported.

Support: If you like a super firm mattress for back support, then this is a great choice. However, many customers find this one to be too hard, even when they order the medium firmness.

Longevity: Because this is known to develop divots, we’d recommend you use this mattress infrequently in order to preserve the life of it.

Price: In terms of memory foam mattresses for adults, this is pretty much as cheap as they get.

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