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Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot
  • A sturdy, comfortable pair of shoes at a great price
  • Good traction and stability; great for most terrains
  • Solid leather upper and good lacing system keeps your ankles secure
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Great price, good quality, not too heavy, solid waterproofing, comfortable, molded EVA footbed, good traction, stable, durable leather upper, great lacing system, and stylish finish.

Lacking in support and not very breathable.


Performance: For women who want quality at a good price, look no further than these boots. Not only are they the best-priced on our list, but they're a durable, reliable pair that will keep up with any outdoor activity.

The leather upper makes the shoes both rugged and waterproof, and the lacing system will provide excellent stability to protect your ankles. The material is even covered with a stain-proof treatment that sheds debris, dust, and liquid. Best of all, they're a stylish choice, with a beautiful "hardcore" look that makes them ideal for any outdoorswoman.

Features: The boots come with a fairly aggressive tread, which offers good stability and traction on muddy, mossy, wet, and gravelly terrain. Though they don't have great breathability, they're a comfortable, well-padded boot that will be good for women with wide and long feet.

Price: Starting at just over $60, these are our best-priced offering. They offer great durability and comfort at a price tag you'll love.


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