Columbia Mens Drainmaker

Best Sporty Water Shoes

Why people love it

• A water shoe built for sporty users

• Durable and built to last, without being too heavy

• Comfortable even after long hours of all-terrain wear

Sporty design, versatile, lightweight, sturdy, good padding, comfortable, breathable, durable, great for use at the beach and on hikes, feel just like regular sneakers, and can be worn with or without socks.

Not the best support, and feature a rather narrow fit.


Quality: For those who need a pair of sporty sneakers to use at the beach, look no further than these bad boys. They're built like a regular pair of sneakers, but with drain holes that allow the water to drain and the shoe to dry out more quickly. They're great for hiking, walking on the beach, or using at a campsite by a river.

The shoes are durable and beautifully comfortable. The outsole traction is great, the stability is excellent, and the padding around the collar keeps blisters away (a common problem with water shoes). Sadly, there isn't as much support or cushioning as you'd like, so it won't work as a long-distance hiking shoe.

Features: The mesh upper is breathable and lightweight, with drain holes that let out water and let in air. The shoes are designed to be worn with and without socks depending on your use. Instead of pulls or ties (like most water shoes), these come with laces that you can pull tight when walking or hiking.

The heel pull tab gives you better grip on these shoes when trying to slip them on. The size is a bit narrow, but the toe box is good for those with longer feet.

Price: Starting at $65, these are on the pricier side of things. You'll pay more than you would for a simpler pair of water shoes, but you get a set of shoes that can handle long walks, jogging, and even hiking. Great for more versatile use!

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