Why people love it
  • Remarkably firm
  • High-quality mattress
  • No chemical smell

This is one of the lightest foam mattresses out there (which makes changing sheets a swift process) – and it holds all the certifications you would want for your baby. The organic cotton cover makes this memory foam comfortable.

The waterproof cover isn’t removable. And, there were reports of rip-offs entering the market for awhile, so you need to inspect yours closely.


This crib mattress is made from certified plant materials. More than safe, it’s easy to work with because it’s so light. Changing the sheets hardly requires an extra set of hands – you should even be able to do it with babe in arms. The fire-retardant properties are exactly what you would expect.

It’s also convertible with a different firmness on each side so you can move it to the toddler bed when it’s time for that milestone. Plus, it’s all wrapped in a waterproof cover. So what’s the drawback? The price is a little higher than we would like, but more than that, it’s the number of rip-offs that users have received. While you can always return it for an original, you want to get it right the first time. But if you do get the right mattress the first time out, you can bet you’ll be happy with it.

What’s it made of? It’s a full foam mattress made from plant-based materials. The entire inner is wrapped in a certified organic cotton cover with a waterproof backing. If you choose this crib mattress, just double check the cover and the smell as soon as you receive it.

What are the best features? In addition to the plant-based materials and meeting the fire safety standards, it’s dual sided so it will transform into a comfortable toddler bed when the time comes. Of course, the waterproof cover is always a plus too.

Will it fit the crib? The dimensions of this mattress are 51.7 x 27.5 x 6”. Now, that’s a little shorter than normal, but it’s also a little thicker than most. So be sure to measure your crib before ordering. It will work with standard cribs, but if you have a bed that’s an inch longer than you should probably move along as the gap may be too big. For reference, it weighs a mere 9.3 pounds which is actually very light for a mattress, foam or otherwise.

How should you care for it? As with the best crib mattresses, this one just needs mild soap and warm water with a damp cloth. The cover isn’t removable, but you shouldn’t need to worry about that.

Are there any certifications, warranties, or awards? It holds both the CertiPUR-US and the GREENGUARD GOLD certifications that you would expect. There’s also a lifetime limited warranty which is something else you would expect from the brand.

Will it break the bank? The MSRP is $220 and you’ll pay a little more than $200 for it. Really that’s not bad for a crib mattress. But, at the same time, it falls short of our top fave in a few spots – and that’s mostly because of the price.

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