Why people love it
  • Inflatable cot that sits at the perfect height from the ground
  • Includes a handy side table
  • Very comfortable to sleep on

When it comes to camping (indoors or outdoors), lying on the ground isn’t always ideal, especially if you have a bad back or issues with your joints. That’s why this elevated air bed is a great alternative: it’s easy to set up, comfortable to sleep on, and comes with super handy extras.

There are two issues customers commonly report. One is that the cot is noisy if you move around at night. The other is that the mattress may deflate on you in the middle of the night.


Performance: Aside from the few customers who’ve complained about the air mattress deflating, there haven’t been too many complaints about the performance of this mattress. In fact, most customers who buy this love what it does for their usually achy back or joints that struggle with sleeping on typical camping air mattresses or pads that are close to the ground.

Features: There are a few features worth noting with the Coleman Twin Airbed. For starters, there’s the height of this cot. For customers that struggle getting in and out of air mattresses or finding any comfort in them, in general, they shouldn’t find any issues with this one. Also, the air bed comes with a handy side shelf which you can turn into a sort of nightstand while camping. And there’s the air pump which reduces the amount of time you have to spend inflating and deflating the mattress.

Price: The pricing on this air mattress is about mid-tier; however, with the nice add-ons and the extra comfort that comes with it, you might say this is quite the bargain.

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