This light and compact lantern is a real lifesaver when the power goes out unexpectedly.

  • Converts easily from lantern into flashlight
  • LED lights never die
  • Get 92 hours from AA batteries

You should always have a flashlight in the house. It's just one of those necessities you should never be without. And this one doubles as a lantern, making it doubly useful. Plus, this baby is very lightweight (6 oz including batteries), so you can grab one of these and go.

What Reviewers Say:

This baby has a lot of positive reviews. Here are just a few:

  • My wife and I bought two of these on a Tuesday for a weekend camping trip and, lo and behold, the next night a storm knocked out the power. These were a godsend. Absolutely fantastic. They aren't the world's brightest things because of a reflective sleeve that casts the light in a fairly uniform direction, but once it gets darker, they're easily brighter 2-3 candles and without the fear of accidentally leaving one on to burn down your house. With good alkalines, they could easily run for weeks due to the low power draw of the LED's. These are fantastic emergency lights for the house, car, etc. And at the going price of $10, they just can't be beat. I highly recommend them and have already urged my entire family to stock up.
  • They come with a set of 3 carbon-zinc batteries (batteries ARE included!) that will run the lantern for quite a while, then switch to alkalines for long-term use. They weigh practically nothing, can be placed anywhere, include a hanger and a hideaway reflector. That reflector, I've discovered, comes in handy when reading flat on your back in your bunk or bag. Close the reflector and rest the lantern on its side on your chest. The lantern illuminates the book but doesn't get in your eyes, plus you don't have to carry a special book light, and it doesn't annoy your trying-to-sleep tentmate. I always have one of these handy by my head to reach for in the pitch dark of the camp. It's true that they don't illuminate very far, but how far is far enough?

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