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Coleman Hooligan 4 Man Tent
  • Great value for the money
  • Setup is fairly easy--takes about 10 minutes, including rain fly
  • Can be used for all 4 seasons; especially useful for hot summers
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Well-priced for a 4 man tent, surprisingly spacious, built for all-season use, easy to set up, rainfly improves protection from rain and wind, and vestibule provides extra storage space/entryway.

Reviewers report that this tent is pretty heavy and features a rather low center height.


Features: If you're looking for a tent to bring with you on your winter, summer, spring, and autumn camping trips, look no further! This bad boy is designed for all four seasons, and it's built to handle any weather conditions. Zip it up tight to seal in the warmth, or open the canvas to enjoy the views through the bug-proof mesh screen.

The tent may be built fairly low (just under 5' clearance), but you'll have more than enough space for sleeping. Not only can you fit 4 sleeping bags with room to roll around, but you have storage space for your gear and a vestibule for your shoes.

Thanks to the rainfly, your tent will be able to handle a tropical rainfall. The rain fly will keep out the wind, cold, rain, sun, and heat, making your camping experience more enjoyable. The inverted seams and welded floors will reduce the risk of breakage or damaged seams, and you'll find that this is a surprisingly durable tent. Thanks to the simple snag-free pole sleeves and durable metal stakes, you can get this bad boy set up and ready for sleeping in under 10 minutes.

Price: For the $75 price tag, you won't find a better deal. The tent may not be on par with those used by mountaineers or Everest climbers, but remember that you're buying a tent for use with your spouse, kids, or friends. Of the Coleman tents, it's the best for all seasons.


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