And this chair does more than provide a place to rest your...

  • Built-in armrest cooler
  • Holds up to 4 cans
  • Fold easily and comes with a carry case

What's the best thing about camping? Relaxing in the great outdoors of course. And, you can't do that while sitting on a log in the middle of a marsh. Well, you can. But, it's not the best idea.

This chair folds and has the cup holder you've come to expect from camping chairs. But, it's also got a built in cooler bag to hold up to four more cans. (What's in those cans is totally up to you.) And, there's another handy pocket for bug spray, a pack of marshmallows or... (again, we're leaving that up to you.) There are a few different colour options (though price varies accordingly), and this is possibly the one chair you need this year. 

What Reviewers Say:

It's never a bad idea to see what existing users think. Here's what some of them have to say:

  • This Coleman chair is worth every penny - it's comfortable, supportive, sturdy, convenient, and roomy. The cup holder is a common feature, but the cooler that is built into the left arm is unique. You could get an ice pack separately, but I have found that a handful or two of ice cubes in a small ziplock bag works just fine. The cooler is lined with the same type of plastic liner that you'd find in some child lunch bags. It comfortably fits 3 bottles with 2 small bags of ice. The side pouch with netting is good for keys, books, phone, sunblock, bugspray, or whatever else you're carrying with you. It saves me a few trips to the cooler/car/apartment and that's worth a few bucks in and of itself if you ask me.
  • I'm a big guy and have had too many portable chairs collapse - resulting in embarrassment and spilled beer. Not only is this chair well-built and very sturdy, it also looks sharp and has a compartment for cold drinks. I highly recommend this chair!!
  • This is a great, comfy, sturdy chair. It was purchased as a gift. The people who are using it are on the heavier side, so it needed to be sturdy. It is! The cooler is an added bonus.

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