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  • "Great sleeping bag that works well for its intended temperature zone"
  • "Very warm and comfortable"

The Brazos Cold-Weather Sleeping Bag by Coleman allows you to sleep comfortably, even in 20 degree weather! The bag is fully insulated, and the ThermoLock technology prevents heat from escaping through the zipper, keeping you nice and toasty all night long. 

The material is not quite as durable as other Coleman products.


The Brazos Cold Weather Sleeping Bag by Coleman is built to handle temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit and the FiberLock construction prevents insulation from shifting, greatly extending the life of your sleeping bag. The sleeping bag is designed using a polyester cover and tricot knit lining and the sleeping bag is completely machine washable. It fits heights up to 5" 11" with dimensions of 33" x 75". Finally, the No-Snag patented zipper is especially designed to prevent snags, and the Roll Control technology makes rolling and storing the sleeping bag a breeze. The best part? The sleeping bag comes with a built in Comfort Cuff which surrounds your face with softness. Feels just like sleeping on a cloud!

What Reviewers Say:

  • "Love the sleeping bags. Bought them for a camping trip and they were perfect. We could zip them together if needed or use it as a blanket over two people. They are a little bit hard to reroll up into the original bag, but overall I highly recommend them."
  • "A must buy if you are planning on camping in the cold. This sleeping bag along with a liner I purchased kept me warm during our last camping trip. Temps dropped below 35."
  • "This is an awesome sleeping bag. I am so happy I purchased it. I recently went camping and with the weather around 30 degrees outside I was snuggly warm inside. I am larger, at 250 lbs and 5'10 it fit me perfect and wasn't too small. It rolls up perfect and small for packing out and lightweight as well. Very satisfied with this sleeping bag!"

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