Why people love it
  • Great for a large family; a surprising amount of room for sleeping bags and gear
  • Multiple windows and doors allow for excellent ventilation and access
  • Very waterproof, especially with the rain fly

Beautifully roomy, great for avid campers, easy to set up and take down, designed for maximum comfort and easy access, and created using durable materials.

Pricey and a bit too heavy for backpacking.


Features: This is the perfect 8 man tent to buy if you're planning a family camping trip. As far as family tents go, this is great for many reasons:

First, you get a good amount of room for sleeping bags/air mattresses AND gear. The tent is even divided into two "rooms", offering a modicum of privacy you won't get with other tents. With the center height of 6' 5" and dimensions of 14' x 10', you have all the room you need for your family.

Second, leakage isn't a problem with this bad boy! The tent itself is designed to zip up nice and tight, though wind and rain can sometimes trickle through the windows if they're not sealed just right. Add a rainfly, however, and you'll get excellent water and weatherproofing.

A final major benefit of this tent is its durability. Given its size, it's created specifically for family camping trips and built to withstand heavy use from children and adults. The floors and walls are extra thick, with inverted seams to reduce leakage and prevent damage. The poles are all attached (using stretch cord), making it easy to set up the tent in one minute. Even kids can do it!

Thanks to its weight, it's not a backpacking tent, but it's a great tent for families who want to enjoy a bit of outdoor camping fun.

Price: This $210 tent is the priciest one on our list. However, considering its size and durability, it's definitely worth the price. You won't find a better family tent!

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