Why people love it
  • Incredibly durable and long-lasting cooler
  • Excellent carrying and storage capacity
  • Very good insulation; cold won’t leak out

Solid stainless steel exterior, 54-quart capacity fits up to 85 cans, sized for two-liter bottles, retro look, easy cleaning design, rustproof, durable handles, Have-A-Seat lid, excellent insulation, and built-in drain.

Quality control issues; could possibly arrive leaky/defective.


Capacity: Though it’s not the largest cooler on our list—just 17.5” x 17.5” x 21.5”—this cooler comes in a 54-quart size and it can hold up to 85 regular-sized cans. It’s all tall enough to store 2-liter bottles standing up, so you can pack anything you want to bring in the cooler.

Construction: This is where the cooler truly shines! It’s made with a stainless steel exterior that is very durable, fully rustproof, and all but impossible to damage. The Have-A-Seat lid is designed to provide you an extra seat, so it won’t bow beneath the weight of even heavier users. The comfort-grip handles will make for easy carrying, but the fact that they’re stainless steel means they’ll last for years to come.

The interior comes with 4-day insulation, meaning ice will last for four days in temperatures as high as 90 degrees. The airtight seal ensures the contents of your cooler stay nice and chilly for as long as possible. Thanks to the built-in drain, you can empty the water without tipping over the cooler.

Price: $110 is a high price to pay for an average cooler, but this is anything but average. Durable, comfortable to carry, with good storage capacity, it’s a camper and tailgater’s best friend.

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