Why people love it
  • A highly flexible camping, hiking, and day trip cooler
  • Soft enough to fold/roll up for easy storage
  • Compact, inexpensive, and versatile

Soft-lined for maximum portability, removable hard liner, 16-can capacity, adjustable shoulder strap, built-in side and top pockets, easy-cleaning design, soft PEVA liner, and great for day or overnight trips.

Not the best insulation quality.


Capacity: This soft cooler can only hold 16 cans, plus a bit of ice to keep them chilled. However, it comes with two built-in mesh side pockets to give you extra carrying space, plus a zippered front pocket and a top pocket on the inside of the cooler. Not a lot of additional space, but enough for a few important extras.

Construction: This cooler comes with a hard plastic liner that gives you solid, sturdy storage space for all your cans. However, the liner can be removed and the soft shell can be folded/rolled up to fit in your camping, hiking, or beach day gear. You get full flexibility with this soft-shelled cooler!

The interior is lined with PEVA plastic that is waterproof and easy to clean. Though the insulation isn’t top notch—the cooler won’t keep ice from melting or drinks cold for more than a few hours—you’ll find it’s suitable for a short day trip or a hike up the mountain. The addition of adjustable shoulder straps makes for comfortable carrying. 

Price: $16 is a great price to pay for this little soft-shelled cooler. Though it’s not the best-insulated cooler on the market, it’s perfect for carrying food for your BBQ, beach day, or hike.

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