Why people love it
  • Strong coffee at a great price
  • Bold flavor (for increased productivity at work)
  • A solid product that lasts

You get a super strong burst of caffeine without any funny maneuvering of your Keurig during brewing. It really kicks you into gear.

It’s going to be a little too strong for many coffee drinkers. Don’t even think about it if you prefer a medium coffee.


This coffee is going to surprise you. The folks over at Coffee People did not just pick a catchy name and run with it; there is a lot of caffeine in every drop of this brew. And yet, it’s not just something you drink to get a buzz. You’re going to get that; to be sure, but the flavor blend is exquisite with a hint of chocolate. It’s for the people that want a strong coffee that is more complex than your average strong roast.

Now, this is a little strong (little is a serious understatement), so you can’t have a lot of cups of Jet Fuel. Or, at least you should test it out before trying to work too many cups into your routine; it can make you a little jittery. And then there is the bitterness. You expect it in a dark roast, to be sure, but other K-cups on the list have managed to bypass that bite while still holding onto the flavor.

  • Flavor: There’s something lovely about the dark richness of the flavor here, as if there are sweet undertones. It’s a nice surprise.
  • Body: Fantastic! A full, dark roast that serious coffee drinkers love.
  • Aroma: You know you want this coffee as soon as you smell it – and the aroma really doesn’t lead you astray.
  • Price: Each cup is a little more than 60 cents – and it’s packed full of caffeine. Not the cheapest, but very affordable for what you get.

Bottom Line: If you love coffee because of the flavor and the caffeine, this is going to be your go-to coffee from here on out. While Coffee People have other flavors, this is the one that will jump out of your cup at you. A solid new addition to your coffee addiction.

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