Coco Chanel Eau de Parfum

Most Elegant-Scented Perfume for Women

Why people love it
  • Classy and classic scent
  • Wearers smell of sophistication and elegance
  • Bold, spicy, and just a little sweet

You've likely heard of Coco Chanel before. But, if you've never given it a try then you might be missing out, as customers love this elegant and classy-smelling perfume. Some reviewers even claim that the spicy-leathery scent helps them exude even more independence and sophistication.

Because this is a very rich smell, it might not translate well in the summer months or for very casual occasions.


Scent: Although the top layer of this perfume is mostly comprised of fruity notes, it's the spicy middle and base notes that really shine through to give this fragrance its elegant and sophisticated aura. 

Occasion: This is best for colder weather months and more formal occasions where something this warm, spicy, and feminine can truly be appreciated.

Price: This perfume will stay on all day long. And since it doesn't take much to pack a punch, the bottle should last you awhile, making this $58-per-ounce (ouch) perfume not as pricy as it may first seem.

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