Cobra Electronics RAD450 Radar

Best Budget Radar Detector

Why people love it
  • Rare to get a false reading, even in towns and cities
  • High sensitivity; good range of signal detection
  • Great product at a great price

Detects laser, radar, and vg-2 signals; catches signals from both front and rear, updateable system to reduce false alerts, updates via traffic flow monitoring devices and collision avoidance systems, digital voice alerts, and includes instant turn-on feature.

No way to shut off X and K bands and expect the occasional alert malfunctions.


Performance: This radar detector can pick up all radar signals—ka bands, K bands, and x bands, at all signal strengths—as well as vg-2 and lidar (laser gun) signals. It’s able to detect from both the front and rear of the car, and you’ll find it’s fairly reliable (though some users claim occasional malfunctions with the alert system).

The detector is “instant on-ready”, and it will activate instantly to detect radar and laser guns, as well as speed monitors. It’s quick, reliable, and a great product at a price just about anyone can afford.

Features: The device is designed to be updated to reduce false alerts. It can draw data not only from alerts it receives, but also from collision avoidance systems and traffic flow monitoring devices to ensure maximum accuracy.

The digital voice alerts (available in English and Spanish) will help you to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel while still warning you of cops. There’s also a built-in OLED display if you miss the alert.

Price: At just over $110, this is a great budget buy, one that will help you avoid speeding tickets and speed traps at a very affordable price.

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