Cobra Electronics DSP9200BT

Best Compact Radar Detector

Why people love it
  • Route the audio alerts through Bluetooth headsets for hands-free operation
  • Pairs with your smartphone quickly; user-friendly
  • The perfect dashboard device that won't interfere with your view

Prone to false alerts and requires app to be paired with smartphones.


Performance: For those who rely on their smartphones for everything, this is the radar detector of choice. All you'll need to do is download the Cobra iRadar app (required to operate the device) and pair the device with your Android/iOS smartphone. Follow the instructions to set up the radar detector and receive alerts on your phone.

The radar detector is reliable and accurate, if not a bit prone to receiving false alerts. However, thanks to the iRadar app, you'll receive community-shared updates on road conditions, red lights, speed traps, and cameras.

The device is small, unobtrusive, and sits nicely on your dashboard without taking up too much space. It's one of the best radar detectors for smaller cars or shorter drivers.

Features: The features are all provided via the smartphone app, which allows you to monitor the various radar bands to be aware of approaching threats. The app is easy enough to use, though some users have complained that it's tough to pair the device via Bluetooth.

One of the best features is the ability to receive audio alerts via your Bluetooth headset or car stereo rather than the device speaker. Given how important hands-free driving is (those fines can be hefty!), this is a definite plus.

Price: At under $170, this is the lowest-cost radar detector on our list. It's not the most reliable or versatile, but it delivers a compact device perfect for tech lovers.

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