Cmple's Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable was made with Mac users in mind, but that should not stop any PC user from buying this quality product.

  • Connector Finish: Gold
  • Length: 6ft
  • Gauge: 28AWG

Being white in color, this cable is designed with the Mac user in mind. However, it shouldn’t stop any PC user from buying it, as it is a product of great quality. The best of all is that it comes at a fairly low price, making it quite affordable.

What the reviewers say:

  • I was looking for an alternative to the expensive HDMI cables for my new Samsung 52" LED TV and thought I'd try this one. It worked great. I have watched DVDs and play X-Box 360 on my TV. No problems! Save your money and don't worry that it says it's for a Mac.
  • Great cable...at 1/20th the cost of retail store prices. Works like a charm. Thinner than most HDMI cables, but still high quality. Works for more than just Macs...Works on my DVD player.
  • Not all HDMI cables are alike. I did my research in depth and this was the best choice for me in terms of quality and price. Functions well with no complaints.
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