Clubman Pinaud After Shave Lotion

Best Budget Aftershave Lotion

Why people love it
  • Out-of-this-world, enticing scent 
  • Terrific sensation that lasts all day
  • Super refreshing

The fragrance of this aftershave is undeniably suave and masculine. And, the soothing formula helps contain and heal razor nicks. 

There is alcohol in this formula, so it's not recommended for those with sensitive skin. 


This aftershave is a classic product - which is code for cost-effective because it includes an alcohol base. Still, if your skin can handle it, you'll find this is one of the most skin refreshing products on the market. 

Not only is this aftershave reasonably priced, it's great for soothing inflamed skin. This product is also an antiseptic, so it should be on your shelf for those nicks and burns you have to deal with on occasion. It may be a little much for daily use, though, especially if you're adverse to stronger aromas.  

What Type of Aftershave Is This? Lotion, though it's more of a splash.

What’s Inside? There's not a lot in this formula. Well, not much besides water and alcohol. There's a bit of fragrance and some moss extracts. The point behind this aftershave product is to instantly cool razor-irritated skin. However, you'll still need a moisturizer after soothing your face with this product. 

What’s It Smell Like? If you want to know what an old-school barbershop smells like, open this bottle. If you already know that aroma, you know how this aftershave smells. 

Will It Break the Bank? Not at all. This aftershave works out to less than $1.30 per fluid ounce. 

What’s the Bottom Line? You may not want to use this aftershave every day - no matter how inexpensive it may be. That said, there are benefits to keeping a bottle of this on hand. It's the swiftest way to stop the burning and sanitize any cuts you received while shaving. Open this aftershave for those moments, and then chase it with a moisturizer. 

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