Best Dating App for a Deeper Connection

Why people love it
  • Allows for more comprehensive profile building
  • Enables users to filter based on more characteristics than most dating apps
  • Mixers feature is like Reddit for dating

There are a few drawbacks to this app: 1) the labor intensiveness of filling everything out, 2) Android doesn’t offer all the same features as iOS, and 3) you can see if someone passed on you (which is not great for insecure people who still have the power to message the rejector after the fact).


Quality: Despite its shortcomings, what Clover has done here is really quite admirable for a dating app. Because so many online daters have griped about the quality of results on apps (probably because of the lack of information offered), Clover’s app offers an alternative that does focus on building deeper and more quality-driven connections.

Ease of Use: Because there are more fields to enter, more photos to upload, and more questions to answer, this one does take some time to set up. There are also more features on this one—like the Mixers chat rooms—so the interface isn’t the most intuitive for users who have spent significant time in other dating apps. 

Price: Clover is free to start. For anyone interested in the premium upgrade, you can actually try it for free for a limited time to see if those additional features (e.g. chat with anyone, send unlimited gifts, send photo, video, and audio files, see read receipts) are worth it.

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