Why people love it
  • Perfect nighttime treatment for chapped lips
  • Works well in hot and arid climates
  • Good for sensitive skin

Seventeen calls the Clinique Superbalm the best for intensive care—and they’d be right. Customers who have used this lip balm swear by its hydrating capabilities even in the hottest and driest of climates.

Some people don’t like how sticky the lip balm feels when first applying; however, they say that it absorbs quickly.


Hydration: No climate too hot nor too dry will prevent this lip balm from keeping your lips hydrated. Customers find its best if you apply it at night for all day moisture the next day.

Texture: This is probably the only drawback to the lip balm, as some customers don’t like how sticky it feels. However, it does apply evenly, so you won’t have to worry about that. 

Convenience: This is a pretty small tube, so it’s definitely handy enough to carry around with you. And, unlike many of the tins that appear on this list, this applicator is easy to open and use.

Price: This is one of the more expensive lip balms we’ve seen, but customers swear by its hydrating capabilities. It’s also great for people with sensitivities who can’t rely on cheaper formulas.

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