Why people love it
  • Repairs sun damaged skin
  • Safe and gentle
  • Recommended by dermatologists

The only downside to this product is that it is more effective at preventing lines and wrinkles than reducing them. So those who start using this product in their 40s and 50s do not find the product as effective as users in their 20s and 30s.


Purpose: Perfect for individuals looking to reduce the appearance of dark spots or repair sun damaged skin. Also works to effectively reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while making skin feel young and rejuvenated. This product also comes highly recommended by dermatologists, and is great for individuals with sensitive skin.

Ingredients: This powerful serum releases Peptides which work to rebuild collagen loss from UV damage, visibly repairing lines and wrinkles. Additionally contains an Antioxidant blend with works to rejuvenate skin and mend visible sun spots. The best part is that the Antioxidants and Peptides work together naturally, so this product is gentle and safe on all skin types.

Effectiveness: Although this product does not contain Retinol and may not work as quickly as other anti-aging products, it is extremely effective at reducing the appearance of dark spots and repairing sun damaged skin. Users report a noticeable difference within as little as 12 weeks! Additionally, we love that this product contains both Peptides and Antioxidants, making it gentle on skin.

Price: Although this product will set you back nearly $50, it is gentle, safe, and effective. Users highly recommend trying this product if you are interest in repairing sun damaged skin, and report that it is well worth the cost.

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