Click and Grow Indoor Smart Herb Garden

Best Valentine’s Gift for the Woman that Loves Cooking

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The height of the light isn’t adjustable – you will need to harvest the tallest plants first.


This is one of the best possible gifts you can give anyone that loves cooking, gardening, green living, or just gorgeous – yet useful – things. Truly. This pack comes with basil plants, but there are other fruits and herbs available including chives and wild strawberries.

The Click and Grow founders took inspiration from NASA research into growing plants in space. And, they’ve certainly made it easy to grow fresh food in your kitchen. All you need to do is insert plant capsules and fill the water tank. Once you plug it in, the Smart Soil and sensors ensure your seedlings receive the best balance of nutrients, water, and oxygen. You don’t need to do anything for pesticide-free, nutritious plants.

In case you’re wondering, new plant capsules sell between $15-20 on Amazon. It really is the gift that keeps on giving.

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