Why people love it
  • Higher rear facing weight limit than most car seats
  • With a seat width of less than 17 inches, parents don't have to worry that 3 seats won't fit in the back seat
  • Great option for parents, with multiple car seat age children, who aren't quite ready for minvan status

Clek (based in Canada) is an award-winning car seat manufacturer, modeling their designs after high-end, luxury automotive seats. Who says you have to have a minivan when you have three little ones? The super compact Clek Fllo makes it possible to fit 3 seats across in nearly any vehicle. 

The Fllo's cover is not removable (although is does claim to be stain, moisture, and odor proof) and to fit infants under 14lbs you have to purchase the Clek Infant-thingy infant insert. Reviewers also mention that the front seat can be a little cramped while the seat is rear facing in smaller cars. 


Safety: Clek innovates with its EACT (energy-absorbing crumple technology) designed to muffle the force of a collision and protect your baby or toddler. Aluminium honeycomb cores built into the base take all the abuse of a crash, keeping your child safe. 

Ease of Use: The Clek Fllo gets 3 out of 5 stars for ease of use from the NHTSA. 

Features: This compact convertible seat features a 9-year expiration, a 14-65lb weight limit, an FAA certification for aircraft travel, and advanced side-impact protection. It also features stain, odor, and moisture proof Crypton super fabric, and a steel anti-rebound bar to increase rear-facing safety and give your child more leg room as they grow. 

Cost: With all of its innovations and features the Clek Fllo is a great value for a convertible car seat. 

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