Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Portable Toilet

Most Compact Portable Toilet

Why people love it
  • Set-up and use the bathroom in seconds!
  • Support up to 500 pounds, even on unstable terrain
  • Comfortable, easy to keep clean, and sanitary

Incredibly easy set-up, no assembly required, compact, beautifully portable, lightweight, sturdy, comes with privacy shelter, not too pricey, stable on any terrain, and comes with easy-disposal bags.

No holding tank for waste and relies on plastic bags.


Operation: For those who want a small, lightweight option for their camping gear, this is a top pick. The toilet itself weighs just 8 pounds—with the privacy shelter, you're carrying a total of 18 pounds of gear. It's perfect for taking on any hiking, backpacking, or camping trip.

Despite its small size, it's a very durable toilet option, capable of supporting up to 500 pounds. The three-leg stool design offers excellent stability even on uneven or rough terrain. Thanks to the simple foldable design, you can set it up or pack it away in a matter of seconds.

The design is simple: open the legs, set up the toilet, insert the plastic disposal bag, and do your business. When it's done, all you have to do is tie the bag and dispose of it in the nearest garbage can. Thanks to the powder-lined bags, your waste matter will turn into a gel for easy, spill-free handling. Though there's no holding tank, it's a user-friendly, mess-free toilet that will come in handy anywhere.

Features: One of the main features of this toilet is the accompanying privacy tent, a zippered-door tent that's easy to erect when you need privacy for your bathroom needs. The toilet also comes with its own waste disposal bags to make using the bathroom easy. With the mesh holder, you can keep all waste matter in the bags, making cleaning a breeze.

The patented drip edge seat will prevent anything but the plastic disposal bag from coming in contact with the waste matter. This is one of the most sanitary solutions to using the bathroom out in nature, with one main downside: there is no holding tank for waste matter, only plastic bags you have to collect and dispose of.

Price: Is $60 too high a price to pay for a toilet you can take with you anywhere? Absolutely not, especially considering how durable, stable, and comfortable this little foldable toilet is.

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