Clé de Peau Beauté Under Eye Concealer Makeup

Best Splurge Under Eye Concealer Makeup For Dark Circles

Why people love it
  • Covers dark circles perfectly 
  • Lasts all day and doesn't cake
  • Tube will last 6 months to a year, so a little goes a long way

Expensive and can be difficult to apply the right amount. 


Not sure about makeup with such a high price tag? Well, lets just say a little of this product goes a long way. The Clé de Peau Beauté is the Mercedes Benz of concealers and has been featured on many beauty award winner lists. It's healthy for the skin, talc-free and, best of all, doesn't crease. The best review we found? "Miracle in a stick! That's my review." Enough said.


This makeup artist favorite is extremely pigmented, which means you don't need very much product to cover a lot of discoloration. The texture is smooth, silky, and blends like a dream. After applied, this product leaves a light reflective glow that illuminates and brightens your face. So, if you prefer a matte finish you might not like the way this product looks. However, we do wish Clé de Peau Beauté would come out with more shades - there are only 6. 


We loved the creamy emulsion stick that it comes in, mostly because we can take it with us wherever we go. The stick is also twice the diameter as other sticks on the market, which means it will last you twice as long (6 months to a year). Application can be a bit tricky, however, if you don't know the best way to apply it. For blemishes, apply directly to the spot you want to conceal and pat lightly with fingertips. For under eyes, apply with a brush in short feathery strokes and blend outwards. 


Although your wallet might have a slight panic attack when you purchase this product, just remember that it will probably last you close to a year. Reviewers wrote over and over, "Worth every penny!"

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