Classic Tie Set in Designer Box

Best Practical Graduation Gift for Him

Why people love it


  • Thick, high quality fabric 
  • Classic patterns and colors 
  • Carefully crafted by hand


Comfortable ties made from luxurious Italian microfiber. Includes two traditional tie bars for a polished look.

We can’t think of any major flaws. Your recipient gets several designer ties at a price that won’t destroy your bank account - everybody wins.


Why Your Grad’s Gonna Love It: Your graduate hasn’t reached the age where people give him ties for every holiday, so he actually needs a few. Now that he’s a high school graduate, he’s probably got job interviews to rock, weddings to attend, and significant others to impress. These high-end ties make him look all fancy-schmancy without projecting an “I’m a soccer dad” vibe.

Each handmade tie is antimicrobial and moisture wicking, so he doesn’t have to worry about arriving for important functions soaked in sweat. The classic patterns project a polished vibe suitable for semi-formal occasions.

Price: We’ve seen this tie set priced anywhere from $55 to $85 dollars. The price includes 5 ties and 2 clips nestled gently in a designer box.

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