Clare V. Jewelry Pouch

Best Gift for the One Who Loves Jewelry

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Clare V.
Why people love it
  • Made from gorgeous lamb leather
  • Three color options available
  • 2-3 letter monogram included

The Amalfi lamb leather is finished with natural wax for a touchable softness. It (strangely) comes with a pair of custom Clare V. dice.

What’s not to love?


Why she’ll love it: This jewelry pouch is so very beautiful that you’ll have a difficult time prying it out of her hands after she opens it. And, it will be all hers with whatever custom monogramming you choose to put on it. (We suggest going classic, with just her initials.) Made of super, touchably soft Amalfi lamb leather that closes with a grosgrain ribbon, it’s available in red, black, or white and is really as elegant as it appears. You might even consider presenting a special piece of jewelry in this…

Price: It’s $75, which is more than reasonable for the quality that you’re getting. And, this is a gift that will last the rest of her life. Sadly, you need to spend $150 at the store to qualify for free ground shipping. But, hey, don’t you know someone else that would flip for this?

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