Why people love it
  • Efficient at removing yellow and brassy tones
  • Cheap price for the size of the bottle
  • The best purple shampoo in its price range

A cheap and affordable purple shampoo that instantly tones down yellow in blonde hair. 

If you leave this on too long, it might give your hair a lavender, gray tint. Can be drying if used too frequently. 


Texture and fragrance: The texture of this shampoo is a thick gooey texture. It also produces a fairly thin lather, one that takes a lot of work to apply. However, despite the lack of lather, we still think this shampoo is one of the best out there. Plus, the rose scented perfume leaves your hair smelling fresh for days. 

Ingredients: The Clairol Purple Shampoo truly works. Seriously. And, it’s so effective that you only need to use it twice a month.

Now, this purple shampoo can be a little drying, so it’s best to use a quality conditioner on the days when you use this shampoo. Otherwise, your hair can be left dry and brittle. 

The ingredients in this shampoo aren't quite recognizable and unfortunately aren't all-natural. So, if you are vegan, run for your life.

However, if you're someone who wants bright, blonde hair and use shampoo, this is one of the best that you can get. The active ingredients in this product include Violet #2, Citric Acid, and Sodium Chloride. The violet #2 keeps bleached hair bright while the sodium chloride softens the hair follicle. 

Price: For the 16-ounce bottle, you’ll pay about $12. You don’t need to have strong math skills to know that’s a seriously affordable blonde treatment (about .75 cents an ounce). Pretty good, right?

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