Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair

Best Portable and Travel High Chair

Why people love it
  • Weighs almost nothing
  • Quick folding and easy to open
  • Perfect solution for feeding on-the-go

A lightweight and sturdy high chair for families on the go. This chair is perfect for camping, restaurants, picnics, or for taking to grandpa and grandma's house. If you want a high chair that you can keep in the back of your car for portable use, you must give this chair a try.

The most common complaint is about the tray. The attached tray starts sloping toward your baby over time, so food may slide right off. But this seems to be unavoidable for a fabric, fold-up chair. 


Quality: For a cheaper high chair we were surprised at the durability of this chair. It actually holds up really well, even if you take it camping. You can expect the BPA-free material to hold up just about the same as a lawn or camping chair. 

Safety: The Ciao Baby High Chair is ideal for baby's first year because the maximum weight limit is 35lbs. Of course, you can rest assured that your baby will be safe thanks to the T-shaped lap belt that holds them in place. However, reviewers did complain that the leg openings are somewhat small, so if you have a baby with chunky legs it may be a struggle to get them out!

Ease of cleaning: The great thing about this chair is that it's so lightweight, you can literally pick it up and shake out the crumbs. Of course, it's also quick and easy to wipe clean. The attached tray is covered in vinyl and can be easily wiped down.

Features: This high chair is one that should be in the back seat of every mom's car. It's perfect for picnics at the park, beach trips, visiting grandparents, or to use as an alternative to those gross restaurant high chairs. The Ciao Baby unfolds and folds back up in seconds, and it's super lightweight. In fact, it weighs almost nothing - 8lbs to be exact. Plus, it includes a carrying bag that makes it easy to tote around. As a bonus, this chair features a mesh pocket cup holder that's just the right size for your little one's sippy cup. It looks similar to a camping chair and you can choose from 9 unique colors ranging from navy to sage. 

Price: If you're looking for a quality high chair that you can fold up and take with you everywehre you go, this is definitely worth the $60. While you may be tempted to buy something with a few more frills, this offers a pretty good value for what you get. 

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