• Unique facial recognition feature
  • Compatible with Smartphones
  • Capable of pre-recording messages
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CHUI will send real-time notifications to your phone (Push notifications) and emails to your inbox when someone is outside, allow you to communicate via your Smartphone, and even play a pre-recorded message telling the mailman to drop the package at the door or sending that annoying neighbor away.

Currently not available for sale, only available for pre-order.


Features: Initially designed as a video camera, CHUI can also be used as a doorbell and a security device. This doorbell is compatible with home automation devices, features facial recognition, and fully integrates with Smartphones.

Performance: CHUI is fully compatible with home automation devices and easy to install. Best of all, it unlocks the front door for you without your needing to stand up!

Price: At $199 the CHUI is one of the more expensive doorbells on our list. However, the unique face recognition feature makes this doorbell well worth the price.


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