CHINFAI Waterproof Silicone Computer Keyboard

Best Gift for the Workaholic Friend

Why people love it
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • A lightweight keyboard that’s easy to take on the go
  • Super quiet typing

Got a friend that is needs to work anywhere and everywhere they go? Give them a lightweight, waterproof, and nearly sound-proof keyboard that’s great for home, work, and travel.

The keyboard needs to rest on a hard surface in order to work, so it’s not great for anyone who wants to work from the couch.


Meaningfulness: While you may not always support your friend’s workaholic nature, this gift will at least show them that you’re thinking about their needs.

Originality: I’m not sure that many people would think about giving a friend a keyboard (unless it’s a gag gift for that coworker who types too loudly), so you’re almost guaranteed to get a thumbs-up on originality.

Price: If you’re working with a tight budget and you think your friend could make good use of this, then this is a great value gift.

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