ChillaX Fidget Spinner

Best Stress-Reducing Fidget Spinner

Why people love it
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Spins for several minutes
  • Fun way to pass time without electronics

Some customers say they experienced issues with the bearings. Luckily, this product is backed by a warranty, and reviewers rave that the customer service is excellent.


Design: Rounded edges give this tri-spinner fidget toy a modern look while promoting lengthy spin times. It’s available in white or black and includes a bright green wristband. We like that it only weighs 2 ounces even though it’s made out of metal. 

Materials: Still trying to master the cool fidget tricks you see online? The 3 x 3 body of this durable fidget toy is made from sturdy steel, so it can handle plenty of drops and bumps as you perfect your spins. Its bearings are also constructed from steel. 

If something does happen to break, you can return your fidget spinner to the manufacturer - without a hassle. Multiple reviewers praise the prompt, courteous attention they received from this company’s customer service team when they needed help with their spinners. 

Performance: ChillaX guarantees that this fidget spins for at least 2 minutes, but many fidget collectors say it spins significantly longer. It’s fairly quiet when it spins, and you don’t have to worry about rust impacting the fidget’s performance. Rust is more likely to form on spinners made from iron, and as we mentioned in the last paragraph, this one is made from steel. 

Price: Amazon usually carries this fidget spinner for around $20, but we’ve seen it as high as $35 or $36. Avoid buying super-cheap versions of this ChillaX fidget spinner as they’re likely to be knockoffs.

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