Chicken Fight Costume

Best Original Halloween Costume for Adults

Why people love it
  • Absolutely hysterical
  • Looks just as the picture depicts
  • Fits well (high fit-as-expected percentage)

This costume is one of those all-in-one kits with a drawstring waist. Not only does the "one-size-fits-all" work for most people, but it's as lightweight as it is good for laughs. 

The one-size-fits-all means it won't work for larger sizes. And, you may need some accessories to really make a splash. 


Don't be distracted by the word "men" in Amazon's description of this unique Halloween costume; women can definitely wear it too. Regardless of your gender, we promise this costume will draw laughs as people do double takes. Not only is this well made, you could make it as sexy (yes) or unique as you would like. And, you can bet that your friends and family will want to borrow this next year. And the good news is they can (as long as they have a waist of 38" or less)! 

Rating out of five:

  • Originality: 5
  • Scare Factor: 1
  • Sexy Factor: 2 
  • Identifiable: 4

What’s it made of? As you would expect, the pants of this super funny costume are made from 100 percent polyester. Despite the filling needed for this to appear as it should, the costume is wonderfully lightweight. 

Will you need extra bits? The costume is essentially a pair of pants with a drawstring waist. You'll need your own shirt (though we're guessing you have at least one of those lying around). And, you can make this a little more unique with hats or props. 

Is it hand wash only? You'd better believe it. Fortunately, it's not as if you will need to do much of that unless you have really sweaty legs. 

Will it break the bank? For a pair of pants, a little more than $80 plus shipping will feel harsh. But, it's a Halloween costume, and it can be passed around the family and worn for many years. So, it's not cheap, but it is better quality than you might expect - and it will last a long time.

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