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  • High-quality steak knife set from Chicago Cutlery
  • The perfect set to give to first-time homeowners
  • Great overall value

Just because Chicago Cutlery doesn’t sell their steak knives at a premium price doesn’t mean you won’t get a premium quality piece of cutlery. Most customers, in fact, adore this simple, walnut-handled steak knife set for its craftsmanship, durability, and overall value.

There was one customer that commented on them being too small for large hands. Aside from that, it’s simply a matter of aesthetics and purpose that may keep you from buying these, which is why we think these make a great starter set.


Sharpness: This straight-edged blade is made from high-carbon stainless steel, giving you a smooth, sharp cut.

Feel: Customers love how comfortable these Chicago Cutlery knives are to hold. The manufacturer says: “The full tang design offers strength and stability, creating the correct balance between the handle and the blade.”

Price: Pretty good considering how well-made these are.

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