CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray

Best Heat Protectant for Your Carry On

Why people love it
  • Protects hair amazingly
  • Smells incredible, like a salon
  • Works perfectly with flat irons

This heat protectant comes in plenty of sizes which makes it useful for frequent travelers; it’s especially good with flat irons and the effects last for quite a long time.

The pump spray isn’t right for everyone – nor is the smell; many suggest it smells a little too much like men’s cologne. Additionally, some users find it leaves a residue in their hair.


One of the things we love most about this particular heat protectant from CHI is that you can buy small bottles and big bottles. That makes it especially useful if you make short trips frequently. But that’s not all; it’s an all-rounder which means that you can use it with the hair dryer and curling iron as much as with the flat iron it was designed for.

For the most part, it works on many different types of hair, including dyed and damaged hair. Most people find it to be as lightweight as the manufacturer claims it to be, making it appropriate for thin as well as thick hair. That said, there are those that do experience some residue in their locks which means that you may want to test it out at home before taking it out on the road with you.

However, this offers serious heat protection and helps to seal the cuticle to prevent damage. We really appreciate that, although we’re not big fans of the alcohol in the product. But ya win some, lose some, right?

Key ingredients: We love the wheat proteins, but aren’t such fans of the alcohol.

Paraben-free? Yes

Animal-friendly? Yes!

Application: CHI suggests spreading this evenly over your dry hair and then taking the flat iron to it, but so many users find it helps before blow drying. Perhaps play around, but if you’re like most users, it’s going to be an all-rounder for you. It can also go on wet hair prior to drying.

Package size: It’s a bright, 8-ounce pump spray bottle. There’s also a 2-ounce size for travelers

Cost: The cost per ounce works out to $2 when you pay the $16 that you’ll usually find the 8-ounce bottle for. That’s on the good side; not extremely cheap, but reasonable.

Bottom line: It’s not everyone’s favorite, though this heat protectant has serious protective properties and works across heat sources and hair types. There are those that love the smell and those that hate it, but its versatility makes it the perfect traveling companion.

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