Cherokee Women's Mock Wrap-Top in Minnie Pattern

Best Scrubs for Kid-Friendly Offices

Why people love it
  • Semi-fitted design
  • Fun, colorful Disney pattern
  • Resilient material

Numerous reviewers say the top’s cute pattern makes kiddos and senior citizens smile. The resilient material holds up nicely as you dash around taking care of patients.

Many wearers praise this scrub top’s durability, but a few reviewers complain that it doesn’t handle a spin in the washing machine very well.


Fit: Nearly 8 out of 10 women say this Minnie Mouse scrub top fits true to size. A drawstring chest closure and stretchy back provide a comfortable fit as you tackle the workday.

Features: Two side vents help prevent the scrub top from bunching up around your hips or tummy. The generously sized front pockets offer plenty of room for workplace essentials.  

Maintenance: This 100-percent cotton top is machine washable, but you might want to clean it by hand or stick with cold water. Some reviewers warn that the colors bleed and the fabric wrinkles after a spin in the washer. One medical professional recommends that you soak the scrub top in fabric softener before you wear it.

Price: Expect to shell out anywhere from $18 to $30 for this Minnie Mouse scrub top. The company offers free returns, so you aren’t out of luck if you accidentally buy the wrong size.

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