Maximizing Points on the Chase Shopping Portal

Maximizing Points on the Chase Shopping Portal

The best part of a rewards credit card is the rewards. For cards that earn Chase’s valuable Ultimate Rewards points, you can earn even more using the Chase shopping portal.

To earn more than the standard 1 to 3 points per dollar, you can go directly to some favorite online stores through a link at Chase to earn more points per dollar. If you want to earn more, follow along to learn how the Chase shopping portal works and how you can maximize points and earn up to 20 points per dollar.

How to access the Chase shopping portal

Getting to the Shop through Chase® portal is easy. If you already have Ultimate Rewards pulled up on your computer, click on “Ways to Earn” and scroll down until you see Shop through Chase® toward the bottom of the list.

Click the Shop Now button to access the Chase shopping portal. The Chase Ultimate Rewards site is accessible from the Chase homepage when logged in. It is the place to go to redeem Ultimate Rewards points.

In just a few moments, you should see the Shop through Chase® portal on your screen with featured stores just a click away.

Finding the best deals in the Chase shopping portal

When the page loads, you will see seasonal offers and featured offers on the homepage, but the best deals might still require a little detective work. Click on the link for All stores to find listings for every store that offers a bonus through the Chase shopping portal.

Next, you’ll click on the drop-down box under the title Sort by and choose Earn Rate. This will sort all stores by the number of points per dollar spent from most to least.

As of this writing, the best deals are for 20 points per $1 for Norton antivirus products and 20 points per $1 at

While these options might not sound super exciting to you, there are still a lot of other stores in the portal. You shouldn’t spend any extra money just to get a bonus reward, as the points you earn do not make up for the cost.

However, if you were going to do a little shopping anyway, going through the Chase shopping portal can earn you a good number of bonus points.

Chase shopping portal example

Right now, Groupon offers a deal worth 8 bonus points per $1. If you regularly shop on Groupon anyway, this is a great deal.

For example, say you want to buy a massage package that costs $109. If you pay with a Chase Sapphire Preferred card, for example, without using the portal, you would earn 109 points.

If you went through the portal, you would earn 109 points plus 8 bonus points per dollar for a total of 9 points per dollar earning rate. That is 981 points instead of 109 for a purchase you were planning to make anyway!

How to use the Chase shopping portal when shopping

There are currently 285 stores listed in the Chase shopping portal. If you want to get the maximum value out of Shop through Chase®, you have two easy options to take advantage without busting your budget with extra spending.

First, if you know what store you are planning to buy from, you can just start your shopping trip at Chase.

Just go to the Chase shopping portal, search for and click on the store of your choice, and shop and pay with your Chase card like usual to get your bonus points.

Second, if you know what you want but not where you plan to buy it, you can shop for your item as usual. Once you pick out what you want, you can head to the Chase portal to see if the store is listed.

If it is, close your open web browser windows for that store. Once they are all closed, click on the link in the Chase portal to make sure you get credit for the purchase.

In both cases, you have to use your Chase Ultimate Rewards card at checkout. The bonus points should show up in your account like magic.

If you go back to the ways to earn page at Chase Ultimate Rewards, you will see a breakout of the different sources you’ve used to earn points this year, including bonus points from Shop through Chase®.

Never let a point go unearned

A penny saved is a penny earned, and a point unearned is like throwing away pennies!

There are some popular stores on the shopping portal including Macy’s, Rite Aid, H&R Block,, Shutterfly, Bass Pro Shops, Cost Plus World Market, and many more.

While you can’t go back in time and repurchase your iPhone with the current Apple bonus (2 bonus points per $1), you can make sure you don’t miss out on those bonus points going forward.

If you have an Ultimate Rewards card, make sure to take advantage of the Chase shopping portal to maximize your point-earning potential.

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