Best Prepaid Card for People Who Want Bank Access

Chase Liquid Prepaid Visa Debit Card
  • Withdraw cash at any Chase location
  • Excellent customer service
  • Reasonable usage fees

Develop a banking relationship without committing to a traditional bank account when you withdraw your funds at Chase bank. An innovative chip thwarts fraud by generating a single-use code during transactions.

We found very few complaints about the Chase Liquid prepaid debit card, but a handful of cardholders say it takes too long for checks to clear. However, you can get around this issue by using direct deposit or loading cash to your card.


How to get one: You can request a Chase Liquid prepaid debit card at a participating Chase bank branch. You need to bring 2 forms of ID and at least $25 to get started, which is somewhat inconvenient if you’re used to grabbing other prepaid cards at a gas station or grocery store. However, we think that Chase Liquid is safer than other cards, and Consumer Reports agrees. The in-person application process seems like less of a hassle when we consider how hard Chase works to protect its customers.

Who accepts it: Treat yourself to a pedicure, order takeout, or shop your heart out online with the Chase Liquid prepaid debit card. You can use it anywhere that accepts Visa cards, except at places that rent automobiles or furniture. Your employer can load your paycheck to the card, and so can government agencies.

Features: Keep your finances in check with customized text alerts. This is one of the only prepaid debit cards we’ve found that lets you set balance alerts so you don’t accidentally spend too much. Deposit money with confidence because your funds are FDIC insured. If an issue arises, contact customer service for free (we admit that we stopped using other cards, like the UPside Visa, because we were charged to speak with a customer service agent).

Fees: Fees are fairly low for this prepaid debit card. There’s a flat-rate fee of $4.95 per month to use the card, but you can get this fee waived if you link a Chase checking account. However, we realize that many folks get a prepaid debit card because they don’t want a traditional checking account. We love that it’s totally free to load this card, whether you load cash, use direct deposit, or add a paper check. Very few prepaid cards offer 100% free loads.


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