Why people love it
  • Works beautifully as both a griller and a smoker
  • Durable and built for many years of frequent use
  • Makes for a great tabletop or backyard grill

Compatible with multiple grills, multi-purpose, beautiful for standalone grilling and smoking, well-built using heavy gauge metal, and easy to clean.

Difficult to mount as a grill-side firebox, and assembly can be a bit challenging.


Performance: If you want to make Texas-style BBQ, you want smoker grills--a grill that can double as a smoker. You won't find better than this bad boy!

It may look small, but you'll find it fits a surprising amount of meat on its 250-square inch grill. It sits on any tabletop or on the floor, or you can mount it to the side of your grill (though mounting can be a challenge). It works beautifully as both a grill and a smoker, giving you quality grilled meat in a short amount of time. Or moist, juicy meat over the course of a few hours.

Features: This smoker is definitely built for user convenience! The removable ash tray makes it easy to clean the grill after the coals have died out, and the sliding drawer helps you keep the coals nice and hot while you're cooking. The hood handle is built to stay cool no matter how hot the smoker gets.

The charcoal-burning grill makes for awesome grilling and smoking, though it will take some practice to get used to the unique offset design. However, once you master the process, this smoker is ideal for Texas style smoking.

Price: This smoker grill costs you just $57, making it a great choice for those who want a portable, compact grill and smoker to take camping or picnicking. You'll find that it's made from surprisingly heavy duty metal, making it a very durable, long-lasting smoker!

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