Why people love it
  • Assembly and operation are both beautifully easy
  • Gives you multiple cooking options, and can accommodate all meat, fish, and poultry
  • Cook time is much faster than with a smoker

Combines smoker, roaster, and grill into one; excellent temperature control; excellent for even cooking of both meat and poultry; holds as much as 25 pounds of meat; and provides room for wood chips and pellets.

Can only fit a small amount of chips through the door, and the wood chip/pellet drawer is a bit difficult to use.


Performance: If you're looking for a way to speed up the cook time on your smoker, this is the combo roaster/smoker/grill you want! You can cook a turkey in under 3 hours, and you'll get through a rack of ribs in about 80% of the time you'd spend waiting for a traditional smoker to cook. Best of all, the meat will be juicy, moist, and tender.

The temperature is beautifully consistent, giving you an even cook on all the meat in the smoker. With 180 square inches of cooking space per grill, you'll have enough room to easily cook 20-25 pounds of meat at once. You get up to 18,000 BTUs from the smoker, ensuring plenty of heat for quicker cooking.

Features: This is a propane-powered grill/smoker/roaster, but it also uses infrared radiant energy to ensure that the meat cooks WITHOUT losing its juices. You'll get softer, more tender meat, and in a lot less time than you'd expect.

The propane burner is actually built into the wall of the smoker, rather than at the bottom like a traditional roaster. This gives it a more even temperature and seals the juices inside the meat. The heat escapes out the top of the chamber without drying out the meat. All in all, it makes for better quality cooking!

Price: $160 is a reasonable price to pay, considering the high quality of the smoker and the variety of cooking options available to you. You'll love smoking, grilling, and roasting in this smoker!

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