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Chanel N°5 Eau de Parfum Spray
  • Sexy and stays on all day
  • Elegant, sophisticated, and unique
  • Perfect for all occasions
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Launched in 1921, and immortalized by Marilyn Monroe, Chanel N°5 is one of the most iconic fragrances on the market. This perfume is floral with a dose of classic vintage and features 6-8 hours of staying power—which may not be quite as long as some Chanel perfumes, but still excellent for such a vintage formula.

Expensive...but that can be said for all of the Chanel perfumes on our list. Other than that we don't really have anything negative to say about this classic scent!


Scent: Chanel N°5 features an unprecedented use of aldehydes, which add a unique lemony touch to create an unexpectedly abstract fragrance.

In addition to that, this perfume features a complex combination of May Rose, Jasmine, an bright citrusy top notes; mid notes of sandalwood and Comoro Islanda ylang-ylang; and a strong touch of Bourbon and Vanilla for a smooth, sensual finish.

Occasion:  Chanel N°5 is more than a perfume, it’s seriously a way of life. This perfume can be worn from day to night and is perfect for any occasion.

Price: $135 for a bottle of perfume is expensive, but it’s not as bad as you would expect when you break it down by ounce. This 3.4-ounce bottle comes out to under $40 per ounce—which is actually less expensive than several of the other Chanel perfumes on our list.


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