Best Chanel Perfume Overall

Chanel Chance Tendre Eau de Toilette Spray
  • Fruity, floral scents combined with white musk and jasmine undertones create a youthful and vibrant elegance
  • Fresh, clean, classy and not at all over powering
  • The best of Chance, and possibly even (dare we say) Chanel
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This perfume is sweet in so many ways. It smells like a fresh spring day and is light and airy enough to be worn during the day, while captivatingly romantic enough for evening wear as well.

Also, be prepared to get compliments from just about everyone you encounter while wearing this scent—both men and women alike. Oh, and are you looking to get your man’s pheromones flowing full force? It does that too. Yeah, pretty sweet, right?

The price. Additionally, if you’re not really into fruity/floral scents (though the jasmine and white musk do offset both considerably) you may want to move along.


Scent: The combination of fresh florals plus green and fruity Grapefruit intertwine with the softness of Jasmine and the smoothness of White Musk for an intoxicatingly light, floral trail. Expect key notes of Citron, Jasmine, and Teakwood.

Occasion: Both delicate and radiant, Chancel Chance Eau Tendre provides a soft, yet unexpectedly fruity, floral fragrance that conveys both happiness and fantasy, perfect for both daytime and evening wear.

Price: At $80 for a 1.7-ounce bottle, this perfume comes in at over $47 per ounce. Ouch. However, for such a timeless, classic scent, we can’t complain too much. Also, remember that a little goes a long way!

And, if sensual is more your style, check out Chanel Allure. Reviewers describe the warm floral scent as flirty, seductive, and, of course, alluring.


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