Why people love it
  • Great medium impact sports bra
  • Comfortable wireless design
  • Offers a great fit overall

Some customers who purchased the DD or DDD bras said that their breasts bounced around too much when wearing this.


Size: Comes in C to DDD, but is probably best for C and D due to compression issues with the larger sizes.

Performance: This is a medium impact bra, so you can do weight training, cycling, and other somewhat stationary exercises that require a little more support and compression than something like mat work.

Comfort: Because these bras provide such a great fit and come with smooth seams as well as padded straps, comfort is not going to be a concern.

Support: In terms of impact, you’re really only looking at an intermediate amount of support here. That doesn’t mean you won’t feel supported, but it does mean that compression may be lacking somewhat.

Price: Champion bras usually tend to be on the cheaper side, and this one is no different. 

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