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Champion Shape T-Back Sports Bra
  • Keeps the girls in place and feeling supported
  • Provides a nice shape through clothing
  • Great high impact bra for smaller breasts
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Back in 2012, the Champion Shape T-Back Sports Bra won the “Undie” award for Favorite Sports Bra (Average Figure). One of the reasons it won? Because of how well it keeps everything in place while fighting the dreaded uniboob and giving ladies a nice shape. 

No major issues noted.


Size: Comes in A to C cups.

Performance: For women with smaller cup sizes, this is a fantastic high impact sports bra.

Comfort: This bra is known for its ability to keep your breasts in place—and separated.

Support: Champion touts this bra for its “encapsulation” and “compression” properties, and customers seem to agree that if you need that extra support, you’re going to get it here. 

Price: This is a really good price for a sports bra, probably because it’s been around for a while. 


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