Why people love it
  • Thick and cushioned without being bulky
  • A great pair of active sports socks; low cut fits in any sports shoes
  • Durable, comfortable, and very well-priced

Durable, comfortable, designed for active use, good elasticity, provides arch support, built-in heel cushioning, great fit, low-cut, and easy to pull on/off.

A bit tight in the ankles and heel, which makes them prone to wearing out.


Fit/Comfort/Style: These no-show socks are designed to hug your ankles, just beneath where your leg bones meet the ankle joint. They're low-cut enough that they can be worn with any running, sport, or weightlifting shoe, though they're too low for wearing with boots or high-tops. However, they deliver excellent traction in your shoes, as well as heel and forefoot cushioning.

The socks are a bit tight on the heel and toe, which can make them prone to wear (fabric stretched tight is more likely to develop holes or tear). However, the cotton is wonderfully soft and comfortable, and the socks have just the right amount of breathability to make them perfect all-day socks.

Material/Durability: The socks are a mix of 74% cotton, 21% polyester, and 1% each nylon, spandex, and natural rubber. This makes them lightweight yet durable, not to mention super comfortable. They have a good elasticity and are easy to pull on/off.

When it comes to durability, these socks are a bit of a mixed bag. The heel and toes are more prone to wear (thanks to the tight fit), but the underside and ankle of the foot are durable and resistant to damage. If you get half a size larger than normal, you'll find these socks will last you a long time without tears or holes.

Price: Starting at just over $9 for a 6-pack, these socks are as good as it gets for ankle socks. They're comfortable, breathable, and durable—everything you need in a great pair of athletic or day-to-day socks.

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