Champion Men's Long Mesh Short

Best Workout Shorts Overall

Why people love it
  • Won't fade or wear out no matter how much you wear them
  • Comfortable, lightweight, and great for all sports and athletic use
  • Excellent ventilation; soft material

Thin and semi-transparent material.


Material: The mesh material used for these shorts is lightweight, though slightly transparent. If you want a comfortable pair, you'll love how soft these are. They offer superior ventilation and breathability for use on hot days. They're also lightweight enough that they make a great base layer for use in cold weather/environments.

Fit, Length, and Features: The fit of these shorts run slightly on the baggy side, making them ideal for guys who need more room to stretch and move around. They're not so long they look goofy, but they end just above the knees—classic shorts length.

The shorts have your two basic features: a drawstring and two side pockets for storage (of wallet, keys, etc.). The Champions logo is embroidered onto the left leg just above the knee, making it highly visible.

The elastic waistband is comfortable enough for guys with larger waists, and it will keep the shorts from slipping down. However, for guys with slimmer waists and thicker legs, the drawstring ensures everything is securely in place no matter how much you move around.

Quality: The best thing about these shorts is that they're durable. They don't fade or wear out like other brands (including Nike and Adidas). Even after months of regular wear, they'll still look good as new. They're one of the longest-lasting pairs of sports shorts you'll find on the market!

Price: At less than $10 per pair, these are a total steal! Larger sizes will run closer to $15 or $20, but they're still one of the best-priced shorts anywhere.

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