Why people love it
  • Packed with user-friendly features
  • Well-built, solid design, good operation, wonderfully silent
  • 3/4 HP engine can open any garage door

Highly reliable and feature-rich, whisper-quiet operation, MyQ compatible, and allows for control of interior lights as well as the door.

Compatibility issues with older-generation Chamberlain accessories.


Aside from having a powerful motor it's quiet and it comes with a lifetime warranty. 



The beauty of this Chamberlain MyQ is that it's compatible with the MyQ app (available in both the Android and Apple App stores). Simply connect it to any wireless network and you have instant control over your garage's access directly from your smartphone.

Unlike many of the other products on this list, this is the actual belt drive system that opens the door--rather than just a smart garage door opener sensor to integrate with existing opening systems. The MyQ unit is so quiet you can hardly hear it, and with a 3/4 HP motor the opener is powerful enough to open even the heaviest of doors.

This unit is packed with handy features: a battery backup (up to 20 open/close cycles within 24 hours) ensures that no power outage keeps you out of your house, compatibility with interior lighting controls, a timer that will automatically close your garage from 1 to 10 minutes after you drive out, and wireless key entry. The remote controls are fully programmable, making them easy for even the tech-challenged to use.


The entire system (belt drive system, remote controls, battery backups, and CIGBU Internet Gateway) will cost you just $275. While this is higher than most of the other products on our list, this is the ONLY all-in-one system. Definitely worth the price!

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